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    October 5, 2019 CFABA.ORG Starts sending.

    To: Lawyers and Law Firms

    October 5, 2019 Open Letter/News Release

    Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG) looking for Lawyers and Law Firms across America.

    "I, Robert Colaco, Founder of Citizens For A Better America(R) (CFABA.ORG), am looking for lawyers and law firms that can bring minimum of 1 (One) Billion Dollar Class Action Lawsuits(TM) against several government entities and large private enterprise companies" ...



    October 14, 2010 Open Letter to FEC.GOV

    October 14, 2010

    "We at Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG) are sending this Negative Open Letter to every email address that we have found on the (FEC.GOV) website as well as (HOUSE.GOV) and (SENATE.GOV)" ...



    Our New Website - OpenLetters.info

    January 26, 2009 CFABA.ORG Announces the Launch of OpenLetters.info

    This is the new central location where we are posting the "OPEN LETTERS" we have written to various Companies, Organizations, Political Entities and even Government Agencies. For more about what is OpenLetters.info click here.

    But, in summary let us just say that unfortunately at times Companies, Organizations, Political Leaders and even Government Agencies provide bad service or have other bad business practices. And sometimes after we have tried all other methods to resolve the issue we still need to write them a letter. It is our Policy if we have to write a letter it is going to be written as an "Open Letters". An Open Letter means that we can share it with our members and anyone else we wish to, it is not private.

    So, this is the place you can now look to find the Open Letters we have found it necessary to write.



    Always Vote


    To Protect Marriage

    Between One Man

    And One Woman!

    Visit Our New Website: ProtectMarriage.info

    See our letters to Christian Leaders and Pastors


    THE LIE:

    Homosexual marriage is none of the government’s business.


    We have received some interesting responses to our Question 09 on our Candidate Questionnaire that reads, “What is your position on the legalization of homosexual marriage?
    [ ] Support,
    [ ] Oppose,
    [ ] I Don’t know,
    [ ] Other
    [ ] More.”

    Those responses have been like some of the following:

    “Marriage is based on religion, It’s status should be determined there, not by government.”...

    See our News Releases:
    THE LIE: Homosexual marriage is none of the government’s business.

    Protect Marriage Initiative

    02/25/2000 THE LIE: We don't need Prop. 22


    January 16, 2007 Open Letter to Federal Election Commission.

    January 16, 2007

    "I am responding to your December 13, 2006 letter, but first I must share about my ongoing frustations and difficulties that I have and continue to have with the Federal Election Commission (FEC.GOV). It is not my intent to be rude or unkind in my remarks. " ...




    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    "I would like to say for the record that ever since founding Citizens For A Better America (R) (CFABA.ORG) on October 15, 1992 I have really attempted to comply with all laws, regulations of the Federal Elections Commission." ...



    Motto of the
    United States of America

    "In God We Trust"

    The Pledge of Allegiance

    I pledge allegiance
    to the flag
    of the
    United States of America.
    And to the Republic
    for which it stands,
    one nation
    under God,
    with liberty
    and justice for all.

         American's Creed
         Oath of Allegiance
         Declaration of Independence
         The Constitution of the United States
         The Bill of Rights
         Constitutional Amendments 11-27

    Our Current Projects!
    for the next Election
    Candidates please
    Request A Candidate Questionnaire

    Protect Marriage In America
    Working in various states to pass legislation.

    Working in Los Angeles County, California to return the cross to the county seal.

    E-mail updates!

    Add me to your e-mail list!
    Using the address at our Contact Information page, just state "ADD ME" in the subject.


    THE LIE: Christians can not affect America by our prayers.

    THE LIE: Patriotic Americans should not be involved in their government

    THE LIE: Morality and values based Americans should just worry about electing...

    THE LIE: No Senator who really believes Clinton is guilty is going to aquit him.

    THE LIE: America's voters are represented by these “polls”.

    COMMENTARY - An open letter to the U.S. Congress: Stand up for what is right by voting NO on renewing MFN ...

    COMMENTARY -The Religious Freedom Amendment

    COMMENTARY - Partial Birth Abortion


    News Release Milestones
    Ballot Recommendations this Election!

    10/15/2008 CFABA.ORG announces the creation of PROTECTMARRIAGE.INFO website.

    10/20/2008 (CFABA.ORG) recommendations on California's Propositions for the 2008 Presidential General Election

    06/03/2006 (CFABA.ORG) announces the posting of its Candidate Rankings.

    05/22/2006 (CFABA.ORG) completes emailing out questionnaire.

    11/07/2005 CFABA.ORG announces the creation of STATEPROPS.COM and the County Report Card.

    10/26/2005 CFABA.ORG announces its "GOOD GUYS LIST" (TM); for Nov. 8, 2005

    10/08/2005 CFABA.ORG 'Report Card' Of How California Counties Did Providing Candidate Lists.

    02/11/1999 CFABA...announces adding contact list for U.S. Senators to its Web Site.

    06/27/1997 CFABA...Joins the boycott against the Disney company.


    Past Flyer Articles
    THE LIE: "Homosexual marriage is none of the government's business."

    THE LIE: Goals 2000 is not a takeover of local school districts.

    THE LIE: Giving China MFN status motivates them to behave.

    THE LIE: We are doing all we can to combat drugs.

    THE LIE: Abortion should..

    THE LIE: Destroying America is good for the world.


    Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) endorses candidates, from the lowest political positions to the highest all across America, and publishes our "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?"™ flyers at election time.
    You can read articles published in those past flyers at www.HaveYouBeenLiedTo.org and you can see our "Good Guys List"™ of endorsed candidates at www.GoodGuysList.org.

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