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Friday, March 12, 1999
For Immediate Release:
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By Robert Colaco, National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ® with national headquarters in Van Nuys, California.



Morality and values based Americans should just worry about electing the right President and everything else will take care of itself.


There is this perception and a belief among morality and values based Americans that they should just concern themselves with electing a “good” President and then all of Americas problems would be solved. Their lives would be improved and they would not have to worry about their constitutional freedoms being threatened. I say once again, that this is just not true. We must elect morality and values based candidates at every level of government if we expect to see any real change for the better.

Our system of government is based on us electing others to do our governing so we can go about our daily lives. We expect them to do their work without us having to watch their every move. Our founding fathers created for America a Constitutional Republic, where we elect representatives. We elect folks to represent us from school board all the way up to the presidency, but it is our job to figure out if they can be trusted to do the job. When they campaign they should be telling us what they plan to do if elected, but many times their slick campaign pieces just tell us they are nice good folks that we should feel comfortable electing. Then after they are elected we discover they have a different agenda than we thought.

During the impeachment hearings we saw a blatant example of just that. Ten Republicans voted to acquit the president along with the all the Democrats. Polls, while showing that “Americans were against removing the President from office,” when tabulated together showed something quite different when separated by party affiliation. Those who claimed Republican affiliation overwhelming supported removing the President from office. Here we have “good Republicans” voting quite different than most morality and values based voters would expect.

The President himself is another example. Many morality and values based Democrats have been shamed by the recently revealed acts of their president but they should also be shamed by his political actions. His opposition to banning partial birth abortion and his furtherance of the radical homosexual agenda, should also shame morality and values based Democrats.

This new practice of holding military maneuvers in American towns is another example. Most good Americans just can’t believe it is true, that the American military is using communities in various parts of the United States for Urban Warfare Training . They believe their elected representatives would never let the military off their bases to practice with real ammunition in their backyard, but that is already taking place. Just that has already happened in Kingsville, Texas where a building was accidentally burned to the ground. This was part of the Army’s Night Stalkers Training which like the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory is conducting exercises throughout the United States in civilian areas.

On Saturday, March 13, 1999 the United States Marine Corps will be landing on the City of Monterey, California. While they will use the Navel Postgraduate School there for some of the exercise, they will also land about 200 Marines on the beach “using hovercraft vehicles” and “about 200 marines will come into DLI (Defense Language Institute) via helicopter around noon” traveling through and over the city of Monterey according to Marine Lieutenant Colonel Gary W. Schenkel, operations officer of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, which is conducting the “Urban Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment.” [http://www.mcwl.quantico.usmc.mil/mcwl-hot/uw/index.html]

We need to ask why the Marines are doing these exercises and why our President and his defense secretary have decided to take the course of action of having our Armed Forces practice their exercises in real communities. However, the bigger question regarding the Marines landing on Monterey is why the local elected officials are allowing this to happen.

I personally called all the elected officials representing the City of Monterey, California [http://www.monterey.org] for their public comments about what their position(s) were about the Marines landing, from the Governor on down. The Governors people had no public comments.

Upon calling the Congressional Representative for Monterey initially I discovered that his Monterey office staff was on “staff training” and the whole office was shut down three weeks before the Marines were to land on one o f his cities. Eventually, I was told I would have to get his public statement from the City of Monterey. In his statement, which is directed to the Monterey City Council Meeting Tuesday March 2, 1999, Congressman Farr said, “In my opinion, it has n ever been clearly stated - but should have been - that the Marine Corps is using a Monterey venue for the Warfighting Lab because the city invited them.” He went on to say, “My concern with this event lies in the planning -or lack thereof - to involve community input.” In conclusion Congressman Farr states, “So, though I do not condemn the military exercise per se and understand its purpose, I believe the city had the obligation to alert the community at large, as well as other public office s - such as my own - that would reasonably be called upon to defend or explain the military exercise.”

The City of Monterey City Manager Fred Meurer, told me that, “The entire city council was supportive” of this event. This was not denied by any of the City Council members, whom I called. The Marine Corps tells us they will be leaving behind new equipment and personnel “and that’s why Monterey officials have asked to train with this unit on Monday after the exercise is over,” Schenkel added. While it remains unclear why the City Council invited the Marines this extra training could be one reason why.

At Citizens For A Better America ™ we are supporters of a strong national defense, but we are also supporters of individual rights. There are other ways the Marines can accomplish this training besides using civilian areas, but this is a clear ex ample of a problem that just replacing the president will not solve, neither will just replacing the Monterey City Council, although it may protect the residents of Monterey for a while. Morality and Values based voters must look farther than the next presidential election and closer than Washington, DC. They must get serious about the responsibility they have as part of a Constitutional Republic. We have a civic duty and most have ignored it. It goes beyond voting, it is the responsibility to see to it that the Great American Experiment in government, as it has been called, continues to work. It only continues to work if we do.

We need folks to run for office who are pro America first, pro traditional family, pro life, pro 2nd amendment, pro USA sovereignty, pro constitutional candidates from party committees to the presidency all over America. You may not want to pay that price, but our founding fathers did pay that price and more. They did when they signed The Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 pledging, “to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor,” and they did when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and when they did their civic duty by holding the first offices that document created. They saw past their own personal wants and needs to the needs of the future generations of this great nation, and so must we all.


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Publisher of the Have You Been Lied To? ™ Flyer

Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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