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Thursday, January 07, 1999
For Immediate Release:
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By Robert Colaco, National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ® with national headquarters in Van Nuys, California.

Group solemnly recommends U.S. Senators hold a credible trial.

Again, on this very historic day in America’s history, I am proud to be an American.

I am proud of how the American system of government worked this very day on this the beginning day of the trial of President William Jefferson Clinton.

During these days we are having a great deal of discussions about what is going on, in Washington, our nation’s capital and what is taking place in Baghdad, Iraq and the involvement of our armed forces. Many Americans have been concerned and even fearful that while the Congress of the United States of America is discussing and moving forward with impeaching the President we are having our armed forces involved in conflict with the forces of Iraq. I am gravely concerned that some of our political leaders appear to be using that concern and fear by the American people for their own political gain.

When President Clinton went on national television to announce why he was bombing Iraq, it brought back haunting recollections of Saddam Hussein himself using military action to keep himself in power. In this case President Clinton ordered our own military into action on the eve of his impending impeachment vote. The responsibility fell on President Clinton’s shoulders to explain to us the American people, “Why now and not earlier?”. After all since January he has had the opportunity to punish Iraq. In fact, he wasted millions of dollars and political capital by not doing so in November 1998. Then on the eve before his impeachment vote in the U.S. House of Representatives he decides to launch an attack on Iraq. And now his explanation sounded hollow as he attempted to claim he had no control over the timing of this event.

What was even more maddening was U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli blasting Senate Majority Trent Lott for calling into question the President’s timing of these attacks. Accountability is a good thing. It was right for Senator Lott to hold the President accountable for his actions especially action involving a military attack. Frankly, Senator Torricelli comes across quite partisan since he has already voiced his strong opposition to any impeachment of his President.

Why do I bring this issue up now? Because, I would like to remind the Senators who are now trying to work out rules, procedures and the timing, that the President did leave open the possibility of further attacks on Iraq. The month long Muslim holiday of Ramadan, which began December 19, is nearing its end and tensions with Iraq are increasing. While more bombings on Iraq may take place, the American people both at home and in the military abroad need you to do what is necessary by holding a fair and impartial trial. Do not let partisans like Senator Torricelli railroad you with their fear mongering. America can weather this storm and be the better nation for it.

It is appalling that political leaders, who rightly condemn the evils of Saddam Hussein, would want to emulate his methods of holding a trial. Saddam is quite fond of quick and easy trials where guilt or innocence is decided before any evidence is viewed and where it is based on politics not law.

What finally drove my parents out of Iraq was Hussein’s sham trials accusing anyone he did not like of spying for either the United States or Israel. Those trials lasted a short time with no witnesses called, verdicts of guilty were quickly handed out, followed by very public hangings.

You can not spare the people by having a fast and speedy trial where the verdict is decided by how many partisan votes you have. What the people need is a true determination as to whether William Jefferson Clinton committed perjury and obstructed justice and whether or not those crimes require the removal of the President from office.


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Publisher of the Have You Been Lied To? ™ Flyer

Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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