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“GOOD GUYS LIST”™, for the November 3, 1998 General Election.


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Friday, September 25, 1998

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

Citizens For A Better America ® announces its nationwide endorsements for the November 3rd, 1998 U.S. general election.

Nationally recognized Citizens For A Better America ® announces its “Good Guys List”™ for America’s November 3rd, 1998 general election in State Order:

CA-Diane Templin 1, Candidate for State Attorney General.

HI-Mark Moses 1, Candidate for re-election for State Representative, District 42.

TX-Tom Cottar 1, Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 09.

WA-Lois McMahan 1, Candidate for State Representative, District 26, Position 1.

WA-Ron Taber 1, Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 09.

Citizens For A Better America ® is a national, grassroots, independent, nonconnected political committee established on October 15, 1992 whose focus is to elect morality and values based candidates from party committees to the presidency all over America.

"'We recognize that in this day of a massive sell out of our Nation’s sovereignty and the interests of the American people by so many, it is a rare privilege to be able to endorse the above candidate(s) for public office and to proudly put them on Citizens For A Better America’s™, ”Good Guys List"™,,'" said Robert Colaco, National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America ®.

“'Why have these individual(s) been qualified to appear on your ”Good Guys List"™,?'", asked one radio show host of Robert Colaco. “We ask very hard hitting written questions that test not only a candidate’s political positions but also their knowledge of the political process. Our goal is to discover their core beliefs, and we feel our questions do that. If they pass the questionnaire they are then personally interviewed by me. I verify they really did mean it when they checked off their positions on our questionnaire. Our members and the general public want to know that,” said Colaco. “Let me give you an example - Just recently a candidate said to me. I was just answering all the questions and checking off the questions, then I got to question #18 and I really had to think. I had to go back and review each of my answers, this questionnaire really gets to the heart of things, of what was I willing to compromise on.”

Question 18 -

“You may be required to make political appointments, you may endorse other candidates. Candidates accept endorsements and endorse others to further their political goals. If someone answered or had positions differently than you did, which of the above questions in this questionnaire if any, would you be willing to ”agree to disagree" with them on so that you could appoint them or endorse them? Please list the number(s) of the question(s).

[ ] The number(s) of the question(s) I could “agree to disagree” on are:___________________________________________.

[ ] Except for Question #01, I could not “agree to disagree” with anyone regarding any of the answers to the above questions for the purpose of endorsing them or appointing them." (Question #01 - Why are you running for this office?)

“In addition we ask the candidates to sign, ‘Under penalties of perjury’” said Colaco. Regarding the penalty of perjury line Congressman Dannemeyer said, “You sure haven’t left them any wiggle room have you Robert?”. “I said that was my goal Bill, and he said you have accomplished it,” said Colaco.

“It is a rare and special candidate(s) that qualify for our endorsements. So, we proudly put our seal of approval on the candidates on our ”Good Guys List"™, and we wholeheartedly encourage the Citizens that can vote for them to do so with great enthusiasm and to do all they can to get these men and women elected to the offices they are running for," said Robert Colaco, National Chairman.

1 At this time this candidate has opted to only use the resources we provide under our program #1.


If you would like to be removed from our Commentary and News Release List™, please let us know in writing, include fax number. If you use this story we would appreciate you sending us a copy. Thank you!

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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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