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Tuesday, May 13, 1997

For Immediate Release;

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“For the godfathers of the drug trade in Columbia and Mexico this was a deal made in narco heaven,” said Phil Jordan, Former DEA Intelligence Chief.

Van Nuys, California - “I have been asked on radio talk shows who has benefitted by NAFTA’s passage? Now, I know, the drug traffickers of Columbia and Mexico,” said Robert Colaco, national chairman of Citizens For A Better America ®. “We were as shocked as other Americans were to hear that the Clinton Administration had stooped to such tactics while working to get NAFTA passed in November 1993. They resorted to deceiving Congress and the American people by not allowing the truth to be told about NAFTA,” said Colaco.

“The Drug Enforcement Agency knew that illegal drugs worth billions of dollars would flow across the Mexican border, so why did Washington order them to keep quiet?,” said Ted Koppel in his Nightline broadcast. He was speaking of Phil Jordan’s, Former DEA Intelligence Chief response to a question, “It was a subject that we could not discuss.”

“We had challenged the News Media to tell the truth about NAFTA’s failures,” said Colaco. “So many Americans are so frustrated about their national News Media, but we want to give a thumbs up for ABC News Nightline broadcast of May 6, 1997, Ted Koppel and chief investigative correspondent Bryan Ross really did a good job,” said Colaco.

“We also challenged the Congress to JUST SAY NO to President Clinton’s ”fast track" to add more countries to NAFTA, (News Release March 21, 1997). We just can not believe that the Congress is actually seriously considering giving President Clinton a yes vote on adding more countries such as Chile to the NAFTA agreement. After this Nightline broadcast they should JUST SAY NO to the President," said Colaco.

FROM THE NIGHTLINE BROADCAST: “We would love to be able to check every truck that comes through here but with 4500 trucks a day we have a half a dozen inspectors basically doing the inspections,” said Richard Sparks, former Customs Inspector. “If we start lining traffic up too far, generally we’ll get orders to speed it up,... from?...from upstairs”, Sparks said.

“...Along the US, Mexican border some 12,000 trucks a day freely come into this country from Mexico, largely uninspected for safety, many carrying along with televisions, computers, and fresh produce, massive amounts of cocaine and heroine,” said Bryan Ross. Bryan Ross then showed a video with the date of 03/7/1997 showing a truck “this truck loaded in Mexico made it all the way to New York City before agents discovered that deep inside a load of 60,000 pounds of carrots was a far more valuable cargo of cocaine, 3586 pounds of cocaine, the largest seizure in recent memory in New York, an unintended but it turns out not unexpected byproduct of the NAFTA agreement,” said Bryan Ross. “It’s wide open, it’s a wide open border,” said Phil Jordan.

“I said in an October 1993 article printed in our ”HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?"™ flyer, ‘Tell your Congressman and Senators that if they vote for NAFTA that they are giving away the governing of our country away and opening the borders to unimpeded drug traffic...,’ now we are sadly seeing that," said Colaco. “I would have to ask the President and Congress, do you just say the words that you want to protect America from drugs or are you serious? If so, then do not expand NAFTA but restrict it and inspect every truck crossing the border, for drugs and for safety,” said Colaco.


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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