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Friday, January 24, 1997

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

Group announces it’s formal request for the U.S. Senate’s Rules Committee to fully investigate the November 5, 1996 U.S. Senate elections in Louisiana.

Van Nuys, California. Citizens For A Better America ®, a national, grassroots, independent political committee is outraged at the fraud and corruption that took place during the November 5, 1996 election between Woody Jenkins and Mary Landrieu and formally requests the U.S. Senate’s Rules Committee to send a team of investigators to Louisiana and look into Woody Jenkins’ evidence of voter fraud. For more information look at www.jenkins96.com on the Internet.

Group formally requests the following U.S. Senators on the Rules committee to investigate this matter fully and immediately:

Alaska - Stevens, California - Feinstein, Connecticut - Dodd, Hawaii - Inouye, Kentucky - Ford (Ranking Democrat) and McConnell, Mississippi - Cochran and Lott, New Jersey - Torricelli, New York - Moynihan, North Carolina - Helms, Oklahoma - Nickles, Pennsylvania - Santorum, Texas - Hutchison, Virginia - Warner (Chairman), West Virginia - Byrd.

Group also requests a full investigation by Louisiana’s Governor Foster.

As Mr. Colaco states: “We are outraged that this kind of corruption took place during the elections in Louisiana and we call on the Governor of the state of Louisiana to investigate this matter fully, for the sake of the people of Louisiana.”

What the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, LA reported , (02/20/97 Chiefs Told to Work in Election) the article by James Varney a staff writer states: “Pennington (Police Superintendant), Assistant Police Superintendent Mitchell Dussett and Fire Superintendent Warren McDaniels were on the ‘1996 Fall Election Campaign Assignment’ list posted in City Hall last October with instructions to report to the headquarters of Louisiana Independent Federation of Electors (LIFE), the powerful committee formed and run by the Morial family (New Orleans Mayor).” The article goes on to say: “More than 200 public employees were ordered to work for LIFE candidates, including Democratic Senate hopeful Mary Landrieu and Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick. Public employees also were ordered to campaign for local option votes on Harrah’s land-based casino and riverboat casinos. The list shows more than 100 were scheduled to report to LIFE, 40 to the Landrieu campaign, 39 to campaign headquarters of President Clinton, and 38 to Connick’s campaign headquarters.”

The article goes on to further say: “The campaign activities by LIFE and the Morial administration are an integral part of the election challenge mounted by Jenkins, the Republican state representative who lost to Landrieu by 5,788 votes out of almost 1.8 million cast. Jenkins has filed an election challenge with the U.S. Senate. The Senate Rules Committee is expected to decide this month whether to send investigators with subpoena power to Louisiana.”

Colaco states: “The integrity of the entire election process is at stake here, the U.S. Senate Rules Committee must place the integrity of the election process over politics and call for a thorough investigation of this matter.”


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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