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For Distrubition at the California Republician Party State Convention

February 21-23, 1997

Dear CRP Member,

I want to personally thank you for coming to the California Republican Party’s (CRP) organizational convention here in Sacramento, California. As a voting member of this state’s Republican Party myself, I know all too well the sacrifices you are making of your precious time, money, and energy to make California a better state.

On the other side of this letter is a News Release that we faxed out to News Media in California last Friday, February 14, 1997.

We are very proud to make our first endorsement for the June 2, 1998 elections. That endorsement is Senator Dick Mountjoy for the next Lieutenant Governor of California.

I have known Dick for many years, I have seen him be an active participant in the complete process of what you and I do as members of the state Republican Party. I have learned many great things from Dick. Even though I consider Dick my friend that is not why we endorsed him.

To qualify to be on Citizens for a Better America’s “Good Guys List” ™ a candidate must complete our Candidate Questionnaire. Much of our decision is based on the answers to those questions. In addition though, the candidate’s reputation must be consistent with their answers. We are seeking out candidates who are Morality and Values based, so we are looking to see that their record and character reflect that. We are proud to say that Senator Dick Mountjoy is our kind of candidate, as are the four (4) candidates for CRP board positions that we endorsed .

During the last election cycle we sent out our Candidate Questionnaire to over 2,000 candidates all over America. Of that number, 199 candidates responded by the print deadline and could be considered. In this HAVE YOU BEEN LIED? ™ flyer, the one you found this letter in, you will find the 72 candidates from 31 states across America that we endorsed .

Our HAVE YOU BEEN LIED? ™ flyers, when used, still continue to change vote counts 5% to 30%. In the precincts where they have been delivered there is a 5% to as much as 30% increase in votes for our endorsed candidates, versus the precincts that did not get our flyers. That can win an election, and for some of our past endorsements it has.

I believe you and I can see great victories in 1998 but I need your help to get more flyers out in more districts. Will you become a member of Citizens For A Better America ® with a commitment of $5.00 a month, $60.00 a year. If you become a member you will receive my monthly newsletter “The Good News Report” ™ and you will receive with that monthly newsletter copies of News Releases that we do on various issues we care about.

I also need your help finding candidates and referring them to us. You may know of someone who has either decided to run for office in 1998, or is thinking about it. Please contact us or have them contact us so that we can fax to them our Candidate Questionnaire and consider them for endorsement. Again,thanks for all your help. God Bless You and God Bless America.


Robert Colaco

National Chairman and Founder


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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