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Friday, January 24, 1997

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

National independent political group urges Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to heed outgoing Defense Secretary Perry’s warning ..."about the minimum required".

Van Nuys, California. Citizens for a Better America announces today it’s support of outgoing Defense Secretary Perry’s warning as reported in the LA Times on January 16, 1997 that “American military strength is now ‘about the minimum required’”.

“But Perry said that, if he were still in the job, ‘my going- in position is that I would not seriously consider a reduction in force’”, the LA Times article states. The LA times continues “The Clinton administration is reportedly preparing to release a fiscal 1998 budget proposal that would trim another $5 billion.” Could this have been the reason that Secretary Perry was not asked to stay on by the President? As Robert Colaco has often said; “Paying for defense is like paying for insurance. Not too many people enjoy paying for insurance, but they sure are glad they have it when they need it.”

The world is not a safer place, with the end of the cold war, but is possibly even more dangerous.

“U.S., Russia at odds over Georgian uranium”, is the title of a New York Times article printed in the LA Daily News, on January 5, 1997. The article talks about how a deserted nuclear power plant with enriched uranium and spent fuel is vulnerable to terrorists. They have been unsuccessful in disposing of the enriched uranium. “Like other reactors of its generation, Georgia’s used highly enriched uranium, a tempting target for would-be nuclear powers or terrorists hoping to build a bomb,” the article said.

In a Popular Science Special Issue: “CHINA A Giant Reawakens”, (August 1996). One of the articles “Fire of the Dragon”, alerts us to the dangers of the sleeping dragon. The article states that, “Most experts agree that China possesses at least four, or as many as 15 ‘Dongfeng 5’ long- range missiles capable of reaching the United States. Intelligence officials believe China is seeking to expand its ICBM capability quickly by purchasing SS-18 missiles from Russia or Ukraine.”

There is a very detailed description of the SS-18 missile on Page 222 in the book “Russian Military Power” published in 1980 by a division of Crown Publishers, Inc. Part of that description details the missile’s accuracy “..nobody in the West was prepared for its frightening accuracy, which, in conjunction with by far the most formidable warhead(s) in history, renders any practical degree of hardening a waste of effort.” Hardening refers to how protected a missile silo is from another missile strike. “According to DoD the Minuteman force is vulnerable as soon as large-warhead CEP is brought within 370m,” of the silo. This missile’s accuracy puts it within 180 meters of it’s target. What’s more frightening about this missile is it can have up to 10 warheads.

On January 20th President Clinton took his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, which calls on him and Congress to “provide for the common defence.”

The people of Ohio are already afraid of the crime on their streets we ask that the Congressional Delegation of Ohio not reduce the military budget, but in fact we ask that it be raised so that the people will not be afraid of missiles hitting their streets. Like the bumper sticker says “One nuclear missile can ruin your whole day.”


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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