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11/28/1994 Open Letter to Republican Senators - G.A.T.T/W.T.O.


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Friday, November 25, 1994, 10:30 A.M.

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

Dear Republican Senator:

I hope you have had a great Thankgiving.

As a fellow Republican, a life long Republican I am writing to beg you for your help so that we can again be thankful for America’s freedoms next year.

The reason our phone number ends with 1776 is because that was the year of America’s Declaration of Independence. Webster’s dictionary says that Independence is “freedom from the control of another” and its thesaurus says to be Independent is to be “self ruling, autonomus, unregimented”. Its antonnym is “dependent, subordinate, subservient”.

America has been “INDEPENDENT” for 218 years. Unfortunately, if we do not get serious immediately, AMERICA WILL LOSE IT’S INDEPENDENCE THIS YEAR.

I am writing you today with very serious urgency about the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization (GATT/WTO). If approved by you, the Congress, it will end AMERICA’S INDEPENDENCE.

I was thrilled, as I’m sure you were, with the the great victory that Republicans enjoyed nationwide on November 8, I shared in your excitement about what America gave us on that day. That victory and jubilation will be short lived if you vote for GATT/WTO during the “lame duck” session of Congress. Everything that Republicans have worked so very hard to accomplish in the last 40 years will crash and burn if they vote with their leadership, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole.

Why, I plead with you, are you trying to save Bill Clinton’s presidency? Please, please vote NO ON GATT/WTO, so that the American people can really get an airing of what GATT/WTO is all about. By voting NO right now, you will only be delaying it so that a true airing and debate can take place in the 104th Congress. The Congress for which we have all worked and prayed for the last 40 years. The Congress controlled by Republicans.

The reason your phone may not be absolutely jammed with your constiuents calling you and saying, “VOTE NO ON GATT/WTO”, is that the liberal-controlled news media has not been airing the truth about this treaty. I don’t have the space to tell you, and you don’t have the time to read, all the details about the protest rallies and press conferences we’ve held, which the news media by and large has ignored. It appears that the news media is trying to get Republicans to vote for this thing so that we will take the fall and lose the seats that we gained on November 8.

What am I asking you to do? Very simply I am asking you and your colleagues to vote NO ON GATT/WTO, until it is properly debated in the 104th Congress. This is a set-up. It is a set-up to get you and the Republican Party to lose big 2 year from now. DON’T TAKE THE BAIT! It’s not enough for you not to vote for it, you must convince your colleagues to do likewise. Republicans must reject this so that it looks like a Clinton idea.

Americans are concerned about, and would like to hear more debate on:

a. The World Trade Organization (WTO), which some have described as a ‘World Government of Trade’, which was added in a 14 page charter to the 22,000 page GATT Agreement.

b. Section 801 which gives a subsidy worth over $2 billion to the Washington Post, the Atlanta Constitution and a consortium of other companies who supported Clinton’s candidacy and GATT/WTO.

c. Section 745 which authorizes the U.S. Treasury to eliminate the guaranteed minimum interest rate paid on U.S. Savings Bonds held by many American citizens.

d. The portions of Sections 501-534 that make basic changes in U.S. patent laws.

e. Section 742 requiring every newborn baby to get an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number at birth, currently optional.

f. Section 766 which makes changes to U.S. pension laws.

g. The July 6, 1994 letter to President Clinton from Michael Carpenter, Attorney General of the State of Maine, that has been co-signed by 42 other state Attorney Generals, stating that as defenders of state laws, State Attorneys General have a particularly keen interest in state sovereignty (political independence) and requesting a summit with the White House which has never been done.

h. The U.S. Treasury Department September 24, 1994 fact sheet which states that delaying implementation of GATT/WTO by six months would cost the world (not the U.S.A.) the loss of $90 billion in lowered tariffs which would be realized during that time period under GATT.

Citizens For A Better America is a national grassroots independent political committee founded in October 1992, dedicated to preserving the Constitution and the Republic. CBA can take an active role in opposing or supporting candidates, which non-profit organizations that produce only scorecards cannot do. We are gaining membership across the nation as we never have before because of our opposition to GATT/WTO. If you think that the American public is tenative about this, I respectfully and strongly disagree with you. Please do not put us in the position of being forced to oppose you in the primary one year from now. And since we are an independent political committee not controlled by any party, do not put us in the position of opposing you in the general elections in a presidential year.


Robert Colaco,
Founder, National Chairman


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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