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Tuesday, November 15, 1994

For Immediate Release;

Contact Robert Colaco at (818)757-1776

Van Nuys, California—Robert Colaco, Founder and National Chairman of Citizens For A Better America, announced this morning that the group was in opposition to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization (GATT/WTO) treaty which is scheduled to be brought before the House of Representatives on November 29 and the Senate on December 1.

Mr. Colaco stated, “We have until June 1995 to pass GATT/WTO and a ‘lame-duck’ Congress will not be sufficiently accountable to the people of America in making this decision which will greatly affect the future of this great nation. We believe that debate and a vote on this treaty should be delayed until the 104th Congress convenes in January. Citizens For A Better America is a national grassroots independent political committee made up of a majority of conservative Republicans who were overjoyed with the results of last Tuesday’s election but are extremely disgusted that Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and many in the Republican leadership will be potentially helping to pass GATT/WTO. We are also dismayed that Senator Phil Gramm, who recently announced his presidential candidacy, has not announced that he will take a stand against GATT/WTO.”

Colaco said further, “Our primary concern with GATT/WTO at this point is that sufficient debate has not been held to allow legislators and citizens to form intelligent decisions in this important matter. From the questions and comments that I have been receiving from our members, I believe that they, and all Americans, are concerned about the appearance of impropriety and unjustified hastiness that would be a result of the ‘fast tracking’ of this legislation. They are concerned, for example, that members of Congress defeated on November 8 will be seeking jobs as lobbyists, consultants, lawyers or administration officials and that their passport to that job will be their vote for GATT/WTO. This appearance should be avoided by representatives to help alleviate some of the apathy and repulsion many citizens currently feel toward Congress.”

“Further, current ‘fast track’ rules prevent the removal of any sections that are found offensive by a majority of either body of Congress. Only 90 minutes of debate will be allowed in the House on November 29, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and only 2 hours of debate will be allowed in the Senate on December 1, the Thursday following Thanksgiving.”

“Americans are concerned about, and would like to hear more debate on: a. The World Trade Organization (WTO), which some have described as a ‘World Government of Trade’, which was added in a 14 page charter to the 22,000 page GATT Agreement.

b. Section 801 which gives a subsidy worth over $2 billion to the Washington Post, the Atlanta Constitution and a consortium of other companies.

c. Section 745 which authorizes the U.S. Treasury to eliminate the guaranteed minimum interest rate paid on U.S. Savings Bonds held by many American citizens.

d. The portions of Sections 501-534 that make basic changes in U.S. patent laws.

e. Section 742 requiring every newborn baby to get an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number at birth.

f. Section 766 which makes changes to U.S. pension laws."

“The U.S. Treasury Department in a September 24, 1994 fact sheet states that delaying implementation of GATT/WTO by six months would cost the world the loss of $90 billion in lowered tariffs which would be realized during that time period under GATT. It’s fascinating to us that the U.S. Treasury Department is concerned about 90 billion dollars in lowered tariffs that the world would lose if GATT is not approved immediately rather than being concerned about what the United States of America could potentially lose if it is approved. It’s also revolting that the U.S. Treasury Department is using the tactics of a used-car salesman in essentially saying that if we don’t take the deal right now we will lose out. Assuming that Treasury is correct and that $90 billion will truly be the cost for six months of honest and open debate, is this not worth the futures of the families of America?”

“We believe that the debate and vote on this important legislation should not be left to a ‘lame-duck’ Congress but should be postponed until the newly elected 104th Congress convenes at 12:01 pm on January 3, 1995. Over the next two weeks, our membership will be working toward that end and holding the Republican leadership accountable to the people who gave them the majority, America.”


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Robert Colaco, National Chairman, Founder.

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